Rhumba Club Releases Sparkling Synthpop Delight ‘Guilty’

Sparkling synths and sultry vocals shine on the early moments of Rhumba Club’s newest single Guilty, before anthemic pop production takes over sending us to a musical paradise. The latest track from the London-based pop artist follows previous single The Rhumba Club is Waiting for Me and continues to assert the star as one of our favourite pop acts of 2020.

Artist Tom Falle (aka Rhumba Club) describes Guilty as being about ‘putting your foot in it’ and dubs it a a ‘danceable lockdown domestic.’ The track, like all of Rhumba Club’s output matches its slick, funk-centred production with sharp lyricism and rich imagery with lines such as “We may disagree, but it’s just philosophy, I can change, but my mind is like a hand grenade.”

Guilty is soaked in classic eighties pop influence with the likes of ABC’s Martin Fry being felt in Tom’s engaging vocal timbre which adds a flair of the dramatic, especially when paired with sparkling, simmering electronic production.

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