Photo Credit: Joanna Roselli

Myles Erlick Delivers Slick New Country-Rock Tune ‘Ticket To Ride’

Canadian star Myles Erlick channels classic rock and roll flavoured country music in his new powerhouse banger Ticket to Ride. Myles produces the number himself, co-writing the track with Ally Sou – with the result soaring as a deliciously raucous slice of new country-rock.

Myles has gone quick to find viral success thanks to his inventive covers of classic pop tracks including a rock-blues themed take on Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Myles intersperses original tracks and covers into his releases – although one would be easily mistaken thinking his new track Ticket to Ride was a classic cover thanks to its timeless quality. The star displays powerhouse vocals, buckets of charisma and a clear ear for a great hook on Ticket to Ride.

Myles has gone on to conquer numerous mediums with high profile roles in the likes of West Side Story on the silver screen or roles in Billy Elliot on Broadway – not to mention countless other film and TV appearances and original music to his name.

Connect with Myles on Instagram. Stream Ticket to Ride above.

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