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Australian Rising Star Oliver Cronin Readies Debut Album With Dark Pop Gem ‘Burning House’

Rapidly rising Australian star Oliver Cronin delivers an impressive taster of his upcoming debut album in new single Burning House. The star, signed to Warner Music Australia, plays with dark synth sounds with an anthemic bassline and Oliver’s charismatic and emotive vocals shining atop the grooving production.

With darkly poignant lyrics, Oliver sings: “We’ll be dancin’ in a burning house, Hold me while it all falls down, I’d rather lie here than save mysеlf, Wouldn’t die here with no onе else…” on the track which also comes accompanied with fellow new number Hello Goodbye.

Sharing about the creative process behind Burning House, Oliver notes: “My producer Skimmy played me the beat for it the first day I got to LA, and I immediately knew I wanted to use it for the album. We got distracted making the rest of the album but every time we got in the car I’d get him to play that beat for me again. We got to the last couple days of the trip and we decided to give it a go, at that point in time I didn’t have enough love songs on the record so we went into it with that in mind. The fun thing about the process of this song is there was absolutely no pressure because we had basically already written the whole album, so we could just fuck around and have fun and see what we came up with.”

Oliver continues: “I wrote it with Mason Dane, Dan Elkayan and Matt Hall and the song is about sticking by a loved one, your partner, your best friend, your ride or die really, through thick or thin. We knew it was something special as soon as we made it.”

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