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Culture Fix aims to cover as many topics regarding the pop culture world as possible. Our particular loves lie in films, theatre, Eurovision, LGBT media, and pop/country/cabaret music.

A film you would like to promote?

We cover everything from the little-seen indie releases to the latest multiplex blockbusters. Dramas, arthouse flicks, LGBT, foreign cinema, B-Movies, festival favourites, horror, sci-fi, westerns, exploitation, comedies. You get the picture. 

If you’d like to quote us on a poster, trailer, or home-video cover, feel free to get in touch. 

An album or single you think we’d be interested in?

We adore great pop music, adrenaline-pumping dance tracks, and thrive on the best country releases – but our tastes are not limited to those genres. Give us an email if you think we’d be interested in you or your artist’s material. No response usually indicates that the content isn’t right for the site. We received hundreds of emails each day and cannot respond to all, so please don’t take offence if you don’t hear back – we need to live our non Culture Fix lives too!

A theatrical show you would be interested in us reviewing?

As an Edinburgh based website, we are lucky to be in one the UK’s most creative cities. Edinburgh is a hub for performers from all around the globe particularly during the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. If you are interested in your show being reviewed – feel free to contact with relevant details.

Outside of Fringe times, we’re happy to review gigs, drag and cabaret.

An interview request?

We love speaking to like-minded creatives and have run several interviews in the past with musicians, actors and filmmakers. Whilst we don’t grant every request, we are open to collaborations and written/video interviews.

Want to send us review copies, screening links, or check discs?

Whether its an independent film, a festival release, or a brand new album – we’re open to covering all sorts of content so don’t be shy.  Due to time constraints we cannot reply to every email and cannot feature everything sent to us.  We also ask you do not send infographics, surveys or polls, unless they are being offered as paid promotional content.

Do you have an advertising enquiry?

We are open to sharing sponsored content or advertisements that we think are relevant to our audience. Successful regular collaborations are preferable, but we are open to standalone content also. We will not consider features that do not fall in line with British Advertising Standard Agency rules. Please contact the below address to discuss further.