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Elevator Boys Deliver Poignant Vocals On Powerful New Single ‘Parachute’ With NYC Set Video

“Fallin’ from the sky / Without a parachute / ‘Cause we’re not meant to fly / There’s nothing we can do…” Elevator Boys sing on their latest single, Parachute. The poignant guitar-centred ballad is produced by Tun Tonnar who co-writes with the German band that includes Benedikt Schulz, Jacob Rott, Julien Brown, Luis Freitag and Tim Schäcker.

The track shifts things up for the influencers turned pop stars whose previous singles have included the high energy pop of Runaway and the dramatic Ruin Me. Parachute sees the Boys croon atop a delicate acoustic guitar with each getting the chance to showcase their own distinctive vocals.

Elevator Boys will drop the official video for the song on Sunday. Check back on the site to see that then.

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