The Frock Destroyers Announce Their Debut Album FROCK4LIFE, Release Single ‘Her Majesty’

On December 11th our lives will change forever for RuPaul Drag’s Race UK icons The Frock Destroyers will release their debut album FROCK4LIFE. The ten track set features three Frockmatica interludes, their stellar debut single Break Up Bye Bye (plus a bonus remix), and several brand new compositions. The first of these new tracks is Her Majesty – a barnstorming stadium pop anthem that feels like Pet Shop Boys go Eurovision.

American singer-songwriter Leland writes the majority of the tracks as serving as Executive Producer. Divina DeCampo notes: “I’m so excited about the album, it’s a bit of a Steps going to dinner with Little Mix hosted by three drag queens.” Baga Chipz adds: “Oh my god I’m so excited about our new album, Frock4Life, I just can’t believe it. We’ve worked so hard and we’ve spent nearly a year on it all in lockdown and it’s FINALLY HAPPENING. It’s going to be amazing; we love all the songs and I think especially coming closer to Christmas time, we all need a bit of cheer and want to put smiles on people’s faces.”

Fellow Frock Destroyer Blu Hydrangea adds: “Break Up Bye Bye and Frock Destroyers was like catching lightning in a bottle and showed the world what British drag is capable of. We want to build on that iconic moment and take over the music industry as the slaggy drag-band that we are!”

Her Majesty is written by Brett McLaughlin, Joshua Cargill, Mark Botfield, and Owen Farrow. It is produced by Gabe Lopez and Leland. Featuring vocals from the three attitude-filled queens, lyrics such as “I’ve been called a little bitch, I’ve been called a little slag, Finally I got the itch, to show these ladies how to drag!” against pumping synths and impeccable stadium-pop-rock production, it’s an out and out treat.

1. Frockmatica 1
2. Her Majesty
3. Frockmatica 2
4. Big Ben
5. Fame Whore
6. Frockmatica 3
7. Frock4Life
8. How’s The Lighting?
9. Break Up Bye Bye
10. Break Up Bye Bye (Much Betta Remix)

Pre-order FROCK4LIFE here.

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