Queer Synthpopper Rhumba Club Shines With ‘The Rhumba Club Is Waiting For Me’

A David Hockney fantasy comes to life with swirling analogue synths and witty, self-aware songwriting from Rhumba Club’s Tom Falle. Inspired by British synthpop greats Erasure, The Rhumba Club is Waiting For Me shines with its entrancing melodies and the empowering, queer tone of the track.

“I’m just a boy who’s paranoid / Engaging in self-schadenfreude / What’s a boy to do when he’s alone?” Tom sings before crooning “The Rhumba Club is Waiting for Me,” in the woozy eighties-inspired anthem that has echoes of aforementioned electronic pop icons Erasure in the dreamy synthscape established, whilst hints of Italo-Disco and Hi-NRG pop can be felt rippling through the slick Summer-flavoured gem.

Tom tells us: “In TRClWFM, I wanted to custom-build a place of queer escape. Inspired by the feelings of insecurity I felt as a gay teenager living on a small island (Jersey), I wanted the track to reflect that private sense of empowerment I experienced with my headphones in, listening to Erasure and The Communards.” Almost capturing a similar tone to WHAM’s escapist fantasy Club Tropicana, the The Rhumba Club is Waiting for Me shines as a fresh, retro-tinged escape for a new generation of queer youth and music fans.

Rhumba Club will perform a socially distanced set at London’s Phoenix Arts Club on November 3rd, tickets available here .

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