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Pop Legend Haddaway Delivers a High Energy 80s Inspired Banger On ‘Lift Your Head Up’

A pop legend returns with a brand new powerhouse hit as Haddaway delivers Lift Your Head Up. Arriving like a shot of 100% pure serotonin, the What Is Love? hitmaker channels the euphoric pop sounds of the eighties for his new track, which is a collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Paul Keenan.

Lift Your Head up sees Hadaway deliver his smooth vocals atop pounding synths, dramatic fun-filled production, and dreamy uplifting lyrics. The number is set to form part of a twelve song upcoming album for the Trinidad and Tobago born star. The song comes accompanied by a slick new video which sees Hadaway joined by stunning dancers, large motorbikes, smoke machines and pulsing lights. Very eighties!

A description accompanying the track’s official video shares: “Lift Your Head Up by Haddaway, a ray of musical sunshine and hope in the darkest times, emerged from the depths of the pandemic as a part of an incredible 12-song collection with original keyboard sounds of 80s and 90s which Haddaway grew up with.”

It continues: “Composed in isolation and initially recorded with the help of a mobile phone and mobile studio , this track stands testament to the unstoppable spirit of creativity. Brought to full life in a Dubai studio with the masterful touch of producer Paul Keenan, it’s a song that resonates with the resilience of the human heart. Infused with uplifting notes and Haddaway’s soul-stirring vocals, “Lift Your Head Up” is more than just a song – it’s an anthem of positivity, inspiring listeners to rise above adversity with an unbreakable spirit.”

Expect Haddaway’s new album later this year.

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