Indie Queer Pop Favourite PRIMME Releases Poignant Confessional New Single ‘Sadboi’

Playing with inviting, rippling electropop production which gradually builds to a mellow groove on new track Sadboi, PRIMME’s vocals shine against the subtle electronic undercurrent. With a faultless vocal performance, PRIMME continues to assert him as an impressive rising talent and a force to be reckoned with in the world of queerpop.

The track feels likes a musical confessional with PRIMME joined by co-writer Owen Danoff capturing concepts of repression that can relate both to expectations of traditional male stereotypes of masking emotions and also the idea of repression of queer identity. Lyrics packed with a poignancy such as “I’ve been staring at the ceiling, trying to make sense of my feelings, it’s tearing up my mind, I grit my teeth so I don’t show it, because perfect boys they know, they never let them see you cry,” showcase the talent of both songwriters.

Scott Giffin (AKA Relatable) produces the track, which PRIMME tells us a little more about: “Growing up, I thought that people would only like me if I was happy, even if I had to fake it. By internalizing all the emotions I wanted to avoid feeling, I experienced crippling anxiety and deep bouts of depression that would manifest in me sobbing to my mom at night.”

Yet PRIMME’s track is one of a hopeful nature, the singer adds: “I hope that this song will help normalize feeling sadness without letting it define us, and reassure people struggling with their mental health that it does get better.”

We recently featured PRIMME’s sublime Read My Mind, which he followed with the equally wonderful Brooklyn. Connect with him below. Stream Sadboi above.

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