Forgotten Classic: Pillow Talk

I'm sure it won't come as a big surprise to you to see I'm a huge Doris Day fan and this (long-delayed) Forgotten Classic shows her at her finest. Pillow Talk stars Day alongside regular co-star/friend, Rock Hudson in their first of three collaborations and one of the earliest cinematic "rom-coms". The story centres on a man (Hudson) and woman (Day) who share a telephone line, who grow to despise each other. However, Hudson's character starts to romance Day's using the guise of a Texas accent (and it's a shockingly bad one!) with their relationship taking an unexpected turn.

This really is a charming film - it's classy, fun and has an incredibly simple yet clever premise. It's very golden age Hollywood with a toe-tapping soundtrack from the opening number featuring the song Pillow Talk (sung by Day) to Roly Poly by the gorgeous Perri Blackwell. The simple script really allows for some terrific gags, like Hudson character repeatedly hiding in a obstetrician's office with the staff convinced he's a pregnant man/miracle of science. The rapport and chemistry between Day and Hudson, is something rarely seen by Hollywood stars today and continues in Lover Come Back & Send Me No Flowers.

There's also the traditional wise-cracking, heavy drinking older woman, this time in the form of Thelma Ritter. She's just a joy to watch, as these characters normally are and is one of the chief scene-stealers in the film.

I know this phrase is such a cliche - but they really don't make them like this anymore. Pillow Talk is one of the must sees for fans of Hollywood's golden age.

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