Photo: J O S E Q U A L I T Y

Spain’s Benidorm Fest Star Aritz Aren Releases New Single ‘Me tienes como’ (‘You Got Me Like’)

Benidorm Fest 2023 will be remembered as a vintage year for the contest with stars including Agoney, Sharonne, and winner Blanca Paloma – however one musician that we were introduced to in the contest was Aritz Aren who delivered the impeccable track Flamenco. Aritz has continued to release impressive Spanish pop include new single Me tienes como (‘You Got Me Like’).

The star brings his expected cool and charming Latin swagger to the number which is created alongside Kasem Fahmi. The Spanish language track sees Aritz sing about an addictive, all-consuming love against heated mid-tempo production.

Aritz previously released single Mojito and continues to perform live across Spain. We’re hopeful that we will see Artiz try to represent Spain at Eurovision in Benidorm Fest once again.

Photo: J O S E Q U A L I T Y

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