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Interview: Tors Chat New EP ‘Miracle’, Touring Highs & Woodstock

We caught up with indie hitmakers Tors who celebrate the release of their new EP Miracle this weekend. The Devon based hitmakers made up of Matt and Theo Weedon and Jack Bowden have previously released EP tracks Only For You, Miracle, Tell You and Happy Enough which have all been met with a massively positive response from fans. The new EP is part of a fruitful collaboration with top producer Simone Felice.

The band shared: “The ‘Miracle’ EP is the truest form of Tors we’ve ever released, a body of work that finally feels and sounds like the band we are in our heads. We recorded it buried in the wild forests and hills of Woodstock, New York with Simone Felice – a producer/mountain-wizard we had previously only dreamed of working with.


1. Miracle 

2. Tell You 

3. Happy Enough 

4.. Still Life 

5.. Only For You 

6.  Heavy Hearts

Read our Q&A with Tors below. For more details on Tors, check their official site.

1.  Congratulations on the release of Only For You. Can you tell me a little bit about the creative process behind the single?

It actually came about in between takes during a recording trip in Woodstock last year, Jack was tinkering on the piano and Matt began to sing the opening lines – after that the whole song fell out in about 20 minutes. We recorded it that night and pretty much in one take, so what you’re hearing on the record is exactly what happened, sometimes the songs that come together the fastest can be the best because it’s all instinct and you’re not taking too much time to talk yourself out of it.

2. The lyrics of Only For You feel quite introspective and personal. Was the track quite a cathartic one to write?

Absolutely, it’s the most vulnerably honest we’ve been about our experiences with love and it’s about the only actual love song we’ve written in all these years. 

3. Your new EP Miracle is out now. Can you share a little about what we can expect from the set?

A mix of heartfelt, storytelling ballads with brutally honest lyrics and some much louder, indie anthems. 

4. Woodstock seems to be a place of real creative stimulus for you. What speaks to you about this iconic location?

Being surrounded by nature has always been important to us, it’s why our studio is in the middle of a field in deepest, darkest Devon. Woodstock has this beautiful history with music so the whole experience of recording there felt a little like a pilgrimage. 

5. You’ve been touring Europe with James Blunt. Which stops on the tour have been highlights for you?

It’s been an unbelievable tour and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been taken along for the ride. Zurich was surreal because we were playing to 12,000 people, at one point the whole crowd had their phone torches out and myself (Theo) and Jack (our drummer) just glanced at eachother and couldn’t stop laughing in disbelief.

6. You have got your own headline tour coming up, with things starting in late April. How are preparations going?

As always it’s a mad, last minute rush to the finish line while we try and learn an hour and a half set of 18 songs in four days! It’s going to be an amazing show and might well be the death of us too! 

7. Can you share any of the most surreal, exciting or memorable moments from your career so far?

Being taken on a tour of The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville by a barefoot Don Was, signing our record deal moments before playing a sold out headline show at LaFayette, skinny dipping in a creek in Woodstock with mountain wizard/producer Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan) 

8. You’re getting an incredible amount of streams online, does this success make the creative process more challenging or pressured?

It can be so easy to get caught up in numbers and statistics these days and while they’re definitely useful tools we try to keep ourselves focussed on the creative side of things. It’s incredible to imagine that our songs are connecting with that many people so we hope we’re doing something right.

9. What would you describe as the most underrated Tors track? 

Now We Fall or Might Never Happen. 

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