Forgotten Classic: Coma

I've been meaning to write a piece on this classic for a long time, and keep forgetting about it (how ironic). Coma  is Michael Crichton's second feature film as a director (after the fantastic Westworld). It follows Dr. Susan Wheeler, a young doctor who discovers that several somewhat healthy patients are falling into a coma after simple routine operations. These comatose patients are sent to an institute where they will supposedly be 'looked after', once Susan has made this discovery she finds herself questioning those around her - from her boyfriend to senior doctors.

This is really one of the finest examples of the sci-fi conspiracy genre. The plot feels incredibly original and is well acted by a strong and diverse cast. Genevieve Bujold leads as Susan and puts in an unforgettable performance as a woman struggling to convince others of her suspicions. A young Michael Douglas supports Bujold and equally as unforgettable. However, my favourite performance in Coma comes from the legendary Richard Widmark his subtle and sinister performance as one of the chief Doctors is among one of his most interesting and utterly convincing.

This has a real 1970s feel and can look a bit dated at points (lot's of talk of living in a 'man's world' from Bujold's character) , but it's really a marvelous film that you should check out.

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