Review: Henry's Crime

Exceptionally slow paced drivel about Henry, an aimless man wrongly accused of committing a bank robbery, who faces a term in prison. After he serves this, he decides that since he's "served the time, he might as well do the crime." What follows is an inane mix of romance and well... I was about to write crime film, but it's not - the actual robbery plays very little part in the film. Keanu Reeves is on regular form as Henry, dry and monotone. No offence to the man, but how he can still headline a big box office movie with his bland acting style, is absolutely beyond me. Vera Farmiga, who gave such an incredible performance in Up In The Air, would surely save this though? No. More the fault of the writers, but her character is completely unlikeable, even stating herself she's as "cold as the Arctic". The chemistry between Reeves and Farmiga is non-existent, one a bland and unlikeable character, the other a cold and unlikeable character.  
I reckon Henry ought to have had the death penalty

Even the film's opening scene is an overlong waste of celluloid, adding nothing to the film. As the film lead's up to the crime, we see it's one of the most pathetic bank robberies in the history of cinema, so don't expect any tension or excitement from that. Considering that director, Malcolm Venville, did such an excellent job with 44 Inch Chest, it's a bit disappointing to see this as his next effort. 

The one redeeming element is cinema veteran, James Caan. This is certainly not The Godfather territory, actually it's not even Elf territory. However, the few laughs the film has come from Caan, and his scenes may be enough to stop you walking out.     

If I were you I'd skip this draining experience and save yourself for Black Swan or Morning Glory.

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