Preview: Morning Glory

Director of the phenomenal Venus, Roger Michell returns to the big screen with his next film Morning Glory. Here we see young up and coming television producer, played by Rachel McAdams, land the task of jump-starting a struggling breakfast TV show. However, things do not go to plan with co-hosts Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) and old fashioned newsman Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford), feuding both on and off screen.

Going down quite positively in the States, Morning Glory looks like the perfect blend of comedy and romance, whilst also sharing a strange resemblance to Daybreak - ITV's flop GMTV replacement. One of the finest comedy actresses around today, Diane Keaton, is not on the big screen enough, so it will be fantastic to see her back and working alongside Harrison Ford (who from the trailer, has some fantastic lines in this).

This looks like an enjoying and light-hearted look at the television industry, with a promising director and cast, and I'm sure it will deliver.

Morning Glory is currently in cinemas in the US and will be arriving in the UK on Friday the 21st January. 
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