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Lynks Reveals Debut Album ‘Abomination’ Due April 12th, Drops New Single ‘CPR’

After three EPs, Lynks decides the time is right for their debut album Abomination. Described as ‘self-written, self-produced, self-effacing and self-aggrandising’, the album includes singles including New Boyfriend, Use It Or Lose It, and the freshly dropped CPR.

Talking about the debut album Abomination, Lynks shares: “I think on the EPs, I was trying so hard to get anyone to pay attention… I was like ‘Well, every song needs to be a hilarious concept’. Whereas [with] this album, there’s quite a few of those, but there’s also songs that aren’t necessarily funny, or they’re exploring an idea rather than being really specific.”

Lynks expanded on the message behind new single CPR: “There’s this temptation to shrink yourself and make yourself seem all helpless and vulnerable with those guys, so they get to feel like some Big Strong Man protecting you. ‘CPR’ felt like the perfect metaphor for that weird dynamic,” They add: “I first had the idea for ‘CPR’ while doing a first-aid course at my old job. I was mid-chest compression on my dummy, and suddenly the chorus just came into my head over the rhythm of my hands on the doll. I quickly ran to the toilet to do a voicenote, then got back to saving imaginary lives,”

The tracklist for Abomination follows:

  1. use it or lose it
  2. new boyfriend
  3. cpr
  4. (what did you expect from) sex with a stranger
  5. tennis song
  6. i feel like shit
  7. room 116
  8. leviticus 18
  9. abomination
  10. lucky
  11. smalltalk
  12. lynks thinks
  13. flash in the pan

Pre-order here.

Lynks will be hitting the road to celebrate the release of their debut album at the following locations. Check tour dates below:

12- UK, Margate – Elsewhere
13 – UK, Bristol – SWX
14 – UK, Southampton – Papillon
16 – UK, Brighton – Chalk
17 – UK, London – KOKO
19 – UK, Manchester – Canvas Club
20 – UK, Leeds – The Wardrobe
21 – UK, Glasgow – Saint Luke’s
23 – UK, Birmingham – Mama Roux’s
24 – UK, Cambridge – Junction
26 – Paris Le Hasard Ludique
27 – Netherlands Oranjepop Festival
28 – Brussels Le Nuits Botanique
30 – Amsterdam Tolhuistuin

1 – Antwerp Trix Café
2 – Cologne Artheater
3 – Berlin Cassiopeia
4 – Hamburg Turmzimmer

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