Dominican Pop Talent Willie Gomez Delights With New Single ‘Mira Cómo Baila’

Willie Gomez showcased himself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming pop talents with his his 2022 album Del Cibao – presenting slick, high-energy Spanish-language pop shining through Willie’s natural musical ability and charisma. Now the Dominican born Miami resident returns with another flawless Latin gem in the form of Mira Cómo Baila (translating as ‘Look How She Dances‘).

Willie co-writes with Alih Jey de Pena and Luigie ‘LUGO’ Gonzalez – the latter who also produces the jam. Beginning with sparse production and Willie’s vocoded vocal, Mira Cómo Baila builds with electronic dance centred instrumentation and the singer’s passionate, powerful vocal. Building into a danceable Latin party number ascending with an earworming chorus, Mira Cómo Baila is an irresistible concoction delivering dancefloor euphoria.

Watch the video for Willie’s previous single Baila Baila below. You can connect on his socials here: Instagram & Twitter.

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