Interview: Alessandra Talks ‘Queen of Kings’ and Representing Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Like most of Europe we’ve been chanting “She, queen of the kings” to ourselves on repeat since Alessandra stormed to victory at the 2023 Melodi Grand Prix. Alessandra would beat fierce competition in order to be selected as Norway’s entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest with her empowering pop anthem Queen of Kings.

It was a delight to have some time to chat to Alessandra prior to opening the first semi-final of Liverpool’s Eurovision Song Contest this May. Among the topics covered were the journey of entering MGP, the emotions attached to Queen of Kings, and the rich thematic territory of the song’s recently dropped video.

Alessandra also kindly took part in our quickfire question round, whilst also giving us her recommendations for must see places in both Italy and Norway.

Thanks to Alessandra and her team for organising. Watch our interview above. Connect with Alessandra below:…

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