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Norwegian Pop Prince Ruben Releases Cathartic New Single ‘Oh Lord’

Norwegian artist Ruben returns with the first track from a new EP project, Oh Lord, a sumptuous ballad which he co-writes and co-produces with Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter. The number is an elegantly produced gem that showcases the Bjarkøy born talent’s powerful yet sensitive vocal, tapping into themes of hopelessness.

Ruben shared: “Oh Lord” is about a feeling of desperation. Feeling a hopelessness that is so strong, that the only thing you can do is ask for help from a god. To me, it feels so far from being real that I should feel so desperate. The song has been with me since 2018, but it is now that it feels right in relation to the story I want to tell and what is happening in life now.

Speaking more about his upcoming EP, Ruben shares: “The project is based on a kind of devotion to hopelessness and an inner urge to lose myself, to be able to feel life again. At times, lyrically, it can be experienced as a self-destructive journey, but just sitting in those feelings and allowing them to take you where they want has ended in something positive. It has been healthy for me to feel it.

Last year saw Ruben release his impressive Tonic Emotions Pt 1 EP.

Cover art: Ignat Wiig
Main image: Aleksandra Suchkova

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