Michael Medrano Releases an Instant Serotonin Rush With Flawless New Song ‘Disco Sleaze’

Michael Medrano unleashes a two minute thirteen second burst of pure serotonin in his latest single, Disco Sleaze, a track that channels lashings of pure disco sexiness. Hushed, alluring vocals against instrumentation that bounces with a high-energy passion helps Disco Sleaze shine as a banger of almighty proportions.

Written by Michael and produced by Mads Mason, Disco Sleaze is definitely another high point in the Disco Dad’s discography. “I don’t want no VIP / I just want that disco sleaze / Come and put it down on me / I just want that disco sleaze,” Michael sings against an array of bouncing instrumentation (including some disco flutes?!) and addictive electronic production.

Michael shared to his followers: “HI hi hi so if u follow me you know i was supposed to drop the album this past summer but a lot of s#!t came up and honestly it ended up being for the best bc we got THIS and 2 other songs out of the time down. this song is sooo so f*cking fun and i’m stoked to give it to you. i hope u love it as much as i do, ily medranhoes so much — the album is AROUND THE CORNER!”

Stay tuned for album news. Connect with Michael here.

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