Markus Riva Drops New Single ‘ALIVE’ and Accompanying Video

Markus Riva never disappoints and his latest single ALIVE is no exception. The track, like the singer’s best work, is geared towards the dancefloor with Markus channelling elements of soul, disco, and dance music into the high-energy number.

The single sees Markus unveil a side to his vocals that we don’t always hear – with the singer showcasing an impressive vocal range in ALIVE’s higher moments. With music and lyrics from Markus Riva and G’harah “PK”, ALIVE delivers a sharp vocal hook in its chorus, providing a real earworming lyricism.

Markus gets the chance to showcase some showmanship in the accompanying video which also features model Liubov Berezhna. Directed by Igor Malakhov and Markus, it sees the pair strut around a neon-lit, futuristic room.

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