Norway’s Bertine Zetlitz Returns With a Good “Old-Fashioned Bertine Song” ‘Soft Hurt’

The wonderful Bertine Zetlitz remains a staple of the playlists of many europop fans thanks to her 2000s and 2010s pop anthems including Girl Like You and Twisted Little Star. Bertine has experimented with a variety of different sounds over the years but now returns with what she describes as a ‘good old fashioned Bertine song’ and we have to agree.

Soft Hurt sees Bertine deliver an absorbing pop number. Anchored by a percussive marching beat, Bertine’s vocals slink against the bubbling electronic melody delivering a moody slice of mid-tempo electropop. The track is written by Bertine, Jonas Lie Theis and Martin Sjøli. Bertine, Jonas and Kjell Adrian Haaland produce.

It is fantastic to hear Bertine back within the world of electronic pop. It is not clear whether Soft Hurt may be part of an album or is a standalone number – we hope its the former.

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