Interview: ‘Eurovision Australia Decides 2022’ Star Paulini On Her Entry ‘We Are One’, Young Divas and New Music

We are delighted that Aussie pop legend Paulini is throwing her hat into the ring for Eurovision Australia Decides 2022 with the musical talent vying to represent her country in Turin this May. Paulini has had an extensive career from her beginnings on Australian Idol to the release over several solo albums. Throw in her time in iconic girlband Young Divas and a successful TV and stage career, and it is clear to that Paulini has all the credentials it takes to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Paulini enters Australia Decides with the hopeful pop anthem We Are One which she tells us celebrates unity. It’s a euphoric pop delight that is bound to go down well with audiences and Eurovision fans across the globe. Paulini also shares her favourite places in Australia and talks her all time favourite Eurovision performance… and it’s a good one.

Paulini will be competing in the final of SBS’s Australia Decides on the 26th February 2022.

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Can you tell me a little about what inspired the message behind We Are One?

The world is hurting more now than ever! On top of all the issues we continue to face like race, religion, and sexuality we’ve had to deal with COVID-19, and everything involved around that. The world really has been a mess.  For me ‘We Are One’ is a reminder that at the end of the day we need to remember that we are all one race. One people. It’s only if we come together as one that we will get through it.

We Are One has an upbeat euphoric quality that will undoubtedly bring the party to Australia Decides. Were there any other songs in contention for you?

There were five or six songs in the mix originally however I kept being drawn back to ‘We Are One’. It actually had a different track to what you hear today and lyrically I needed to make some changes. I think that the message in this song is poignant for the current climate and to be honest I was excited about the fact it wasn’t about a broken relationship or love between to people.  It’s about HOPE something I am sure we can all relate too.

How do you start when it comes to crafting a song for Eurovision? Do you have a formula in mind that makes it different to producing a single for Australian audiences? 

To be honest I’ve never created a ‘Eurovision’ song before…. The process was like what I have done in the past however in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking how will I ensure this song is liked by Australian audiences but also be an anthemic Eurovision song. Obviously winning Australia Decides would mean performing to European audiences and reminding myself of that fact was important.

Can you share some details about the staging plans for the song’s live performance?

It’s going to be EPIC; I will say that much. I think the Australia Decides audience will be surprised as my look is very different to what they are used to seeing. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. Cue dancers….

Have you had the chance to hear any of your competition for Australia Decides?

All the songs are out now. It’s going to be an amazing battle. I can’t wait to see all the productions and performances. It’s going to be interesting as I feel everyone is amazing in their own right.

The final takes place on February 26th. What will you be doing in the run-up to prepare?

Rehearse, eat, sleep and repeat! Ha haha

Sadly, Montaigne never qualified for the main Eurovision final last year, does that add more pressure for you in making sure this is the perfect song for Eurovision?

Definitely. If Australia chooses me to represent them, I won’t be leaving any stone unturned.

For those in the international audience that may potentially be introduced to your music for the first time through Australia Decides, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

That’s a tough one…. I’m R’n’B but I’m not, I’m a dance artist, but I’m not. I was a Young Diva band member which was pop covers and now these days you can catch me belting out a Whitney ballad.  It really depends on the occasion or event. I guess I’m very lucky in the fact that I have always been able to transition between genres.

Do you have any favourite European cities that you have visited?

There are soooo many to list!! I love to travel and explore.

Is there anywhere you would love to see in Europe but haven’t yet had the chance?

Good question…. Turin! I’d particularly LOVE to see Turin in mid-May 2022 LOL

Is there an Australian Eurovision entry that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

My mates Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian have both competed I loved seeing them up there on that stage. Kate Miller-Heidke’s performance was pretty cool too, how she sang on top of that pole, I’ll never know, and I can’t forget Dami Im her vocals were insane!

As Australia’s potential representative at Eurovision, is there any particular cities or places in the country that you would recommend to Europe?

My hometown of Sydney is special and is home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. However, if you’re looking for something off the beaten track somewhere like Cairns in Far North Queensland is a must visit. It’s the only place in the world where two world heritage areas meet… The world’s oldest rainforest, The Daintree, and the world’s largest reef… The Great Barrier Reef. We have some pretty amazing beaches too; you will find them when you get here.

Do you think We Are One will form part of a larger project? An EP or album perhaps?

It’sdefinitely time for a new album. There are some songs I’ve got up my sleeve that I’m pretty excited about, so if the stars align there will be some new music!

We really hope to see you on the Eurovision stage, but thinking of the contest in recent years and its long history, who are some of your all-time favourite Eurovision acts?

Loreen, Euphoria. Hands down. Even with the simplicity of the staging she had the world mesmerized with her flawless vocal and her bare feet.  If I could bring just a piece of what she did I would be happy. 

Thanks to Paulini and her team for setting the interview up. Good luck at Eurovision Australia Decides 2022.

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