Singer-Songwriter Iggy Debuts New Album of Smooth and Soulful Pop on ‘This Is Iggy’

Iggy formerly known as Lions Head releases his brand new album through Sony Music Germany today. The handsome American singer-songwriter found a new home in Germany and has since been working and releasing in the country. The latest fruits of his labour are This Is Iggy an eleven song collection which arrives today.

Iggy shares: “My album is finally out! It’s about me, it’s about the world we live in the, the world we don’t, falling in love, falling out, helping someone else, helping yourself, going on, moving on and moving in! The ups the downs and the in-betweens (emotionally) I hope you enjoy it, stream it and tell your friends about it! lots of love Iggy.”

The album was preceded by singles You & Me, Down and Good Ole Days. The artist plays with soulful pop sounds on the album which can be enjoyed on the singles and on the full album which you can stream below.

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