British Rising Duo BIPHONY Delight With South American Flavoured Dance Gem ‘Palo Santo’

Queer singer-songwriter Samuel Pack and straight producer Brandon Lake delighted us with their project BIPHONY’s debut single Look At Me Now earlier this year with the euphoric dancefloor anthem showcasing them as one of the most intriguing rising British pop acts. With expectations high, they release their follow up Palo Santo which draws inspiration from South American folklore, as Samuel explains:

“Palo Santo is the legendary South American ‘holy wood’ traditionally burned for energy cleansing properties and our song was written with this in mind, Brandon (producer) called me and showed me a melody he’d been playing with all afternoon. I’d been having nightmares around the time about my past and couldn’t figure out why. When I heard Brandon play the melody I instantly sang the hook, out of nowhere. I guess Palo Santo was written about the need for healing energy to get rid of old demons.”

There’s a cathartic energy to the track which soars through its glorious nineties house vibes, infectious clap-friendly rhythms, and Samuel’s intoxicating vocals. With South American influence in the near Latin-flavoured dancefloor grooves housed within the production and the vocal calls in the track, Palo Santo is a hugely different yet massively rewarding addition to the duo’s discography.

Connect with BIPHONY here. You can follow Samuel and Brandon on their individual Instagram accounts too.