Cameron Hawthorn Turns Hopeless Romantic on Country Anthem ‘Love at First Sight’

Cameron Hawthorn packs his latest single Love at First Sight with a woozy romantic charm as he sings about old fashioned love. Gentle piano-driven production, vulnerable vocals, and lyrics filled with romantic imagery help the track touch the heartstrings.

The loved-up cowboy sings “Am I old-fashioned or out of my mind? I don’t know what will happen, but I’m gonna try ‘Cause it’s not every day you lay eyes on the rest of your life, Call me a hopeless romantic, but I still believe in love at first sight…” in lyrics which he co-writes with Byron Hill. The Fund produce the track which shines in its grandiose building nature, yet manages to retain an element of earnest country charm and vulnerable sentiment.

Teasing the lead up to the track’s release Cameron shared: “I wrote a song about two years ago that, as crazy as it sounds, foreshadowed what was to come in my life. I think when you allow yourself to dream, you manifest it to become reality in some way.”

Cameron recently released his 2020 Mustang EP which contained country bangers including Boys, Mustang and Oh Hot Damn! as well as mellow romantic tracks Dancing in the Living Room and To Break Hers.

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