American Singer-Songwriter Spencer Sutherland Drops Attitude Filled ‘Shame’

Keaton Stromberg and Spencer Sutherland collaborate on Shame, the latest single from Ohio born singer-songwriter Spencer. The track follows a relationship that has turned sour with Spencer packing his vocals with his expected suaveness but also carrying the track’s tone of resentful bitterness as he calls out a hateful former flame.

Crooning “You say you got shame so why don’t you show it / But you’re just hateful, girl and you know it / You could fall down on your knees, you could beg / But I’d rather, I’d rather be dead…” Spencer sings about a relationship passing the point of being salvaged against fiery guitar-driven production.

Shame follows Spencer’s 2020 Indigo EP which contained gems such as Too Many Friends and Wonder. It is not yet known whether Shame is a standalone release or part of a larger EP or album project.

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