Joe Hythe Releases Synth-Filled Sophomore EP ‘Joy Ride, Drops Melancholic ‘Roadkill’ Video

Serving as a thematic continuation to his Boy Blue EP, British singer-songwriter Joe Hythe takes his tale of unrequited love to a dramatic conclusion on new EP Joy Ride. Joe gave us an initial taste of the EP in pre-release tracks, the buoyant twinkling-synth filled Midnight Ride and the brooding baroque-inspired Roadkill – the video for the latter dropping last month.

Joe shares “It’s almost like therapy writing these songs, I find myself exploring these things that I’ve never really consciously taken the time to examine carefully, dark things about myself and other people that I’ve basically repressed. I write quite dispassionately, quite methodically, and then I’ll listen to a finished mix of a song and be like… am I OK?!”

As well as the previously mentioned tracks, Joe features a collaboration with the fellow Culture Fix featured Dead Method called Without, the bolshy neon-soaked When You Drive, and dramatic closing track Sirens. See the full tracklist below:

  1. When You Drive
  2. Midnight Ride
  3. Roadkill
  4. Without
  5. Sirens

Connect with Joe and stream his new EP below.