Emerging Talent Nina Baumer Tackles A Vegas Love Story On ‘What Happens in Love’

Chicago-born, Aussie-raised emerging musical talent Nina Baumer delivers a vocal powerhouse and an engaging sonic narrative on her latest single What Happens in Love. Capturing the tumultuous, ever-changing nature of love, Nina tells us about a Vegas set love-affair on the new pop anthem.

Nina co-writes with Bendik Moller and Eivind Rebnord, she notes: “I combined a recent trip to Vegas with the idea that there’s nothing confidential about Vegas when you’re there but, when you leave, you’re selective in which stories you really speak of. Similarly, relationships can be exciting, wild and glamorous, but by the end you’re left with desolation.”

Nina has a wonderfully authentic musical voice with the story at the heart of What Happens in Love absorbing listeners and her impressive vocal tones adding to the experience. Listeners will be able to enjoy more of Nina’s music when her EP arrives in May 2021.

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