Chilean Pop Sensation Dani Ride Serves 80s Dancepop on Single ‘Sentirme Amante’ From New Album ‘DRAMA POP’

With euphoric synths and multi-instrumentation, Chilean singer-songwriter Dani Ride channels eighties dancepop on Spanish language single Sentirme Amante (Eng: Feeling Loving). The track follows Dani’s high profile collaboration with Rebecca Black Ven Dimelo (Love Is Love) and single XQ No Eres Tú.

Dani has continued to craft a glorious discography filled with glamorous, dramatic Spanish language pop music and Sentirme Amante is another fine addition. Dani sounds flawless, packing the song with energised delivery seamlessly pairing with Enzo Massardo’s eighties-flavoured production packed with twinkling synths and anthemic instrumentation.

Sentirme Amante is due to feature on Dani’s album Drama Pop which Dani described on Instagram: “It is the fulfilment of the dream of a 5-year-old boy who dreamed of making pop, singing love and heartbreak songs … making people dance and cry … lots of shoulder pads, glitter and pink hair … I dreamed of a world in colors to sometimes evade a world that seemed gray and hostile. I’m going to give that Dani everything he dreamed of, will you accompany me on this healing journey?” We can’t wait!

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