German Queer Pop Talent NEYON Drops ‘Spark’ Single, Classic Tracks EP ‘Pieces’

Regular readers of the site will know our adoration for Berlin based star NEYON, the rising queer pop talent who has dropped tracks such as Top Dog and Disco Punk in recent months. The singer has recently debuted new track Spark, a synth-packed pop treat that tackles the idea of lighting up and sparking the end of a difficult year.

The track which dips between English and German sees NEYON deliver dramatic vocals against a pulsating pop beat which he also produces. The singer’s vocals shimmer across drum and bass production, oozing an emotive charisma. He tells us: “I wanted to remind us all that even
spending time with only one person can be the best of times.”
He adds “2020 has been an exceptional year and the upcoming holidays will be less social. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have a fest and celebrate love with the person we love the most. This will be hot!”

As well as Spark, NEYON has recently dropped his EP Pieces. He notes: “I’ve rerecorded some of my older songs and put them on an EP called PIECES” regarding the four track set which features: Red Light, Fancy Pop, Hypnotized, and Kiss You Hard.

Neyon will also host a live concert on 19 December 2020 at 8.00pm CET on his Instagram account to celebrate the latest single release.

Connect with Neyon below:

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