Spencer Sutherland Radiates Charisma in the Video for New Alt-Pop Single ‘Indigo’, Drops EP

Spencer Sutherland shines in the woozy sunbaked video for his latest single Indigo. Radiating charisma and swagger, the singer struts down an isolated desert road whilst belting out his charming new track Indigo.

“I don’t wanna miss out on this moment, even simple shit never gets boring And I want it all night, all morning. How could I explain it to you?” Spencer sings against effective percussion and guitar instrumentation as he sings about a love known as Indigo. Spencer’s vocals soar across the mellow production, shining as impressive brass additions begin to creep in.

The track follows Spencer’s previous 2020 singles: Wonder, Too Many Friends, and Help. It further showcases his finesse and versatility as an artist, as does the whole of his new Indigo EP. This features the previously mentioned singles which are joined by fellow new track Bored and an acoustic rendition of Too Many Friends.

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