Dorian Electra Drops New Project ‘My Agenda,’ Featuring The Village People and Pussy Riot Collab You Never Knew You Needed

Hyper-stylised avant-garde queer pop sensation Dorian Electra releases their new album today, dubbed My Agenda, the project features an aggressive queer pop message as showcased in tracks dubbed F The World and Ram It Down.

Experimental in its musical leanings, Dorian discussed the concept behind the project with Bandcamp: “The process of taking something traditional, celebrating it but also critiquing it, dismantling it and exploding it, it’s just how I view everything, whether it’s fashion or gender or politics or whatever, That is my mantra across all my work, I kind of can’t help it.” The artist adds: “There are a couple of tracks on this project where I was thinking—is this listenable?” Yet the release is listenable, in its challenging excess.

The title track sees The Village People croon “My agenda, My freaky gender, Out here flexin in my rainbow suspenders, My agenda, Will infect ya, Out to getcha,” after an aggressive Russian language rap from Pussy Riot. It’s chaotic, yet somehow the message feels subversive and urgent.

Check out the full tracklist for the project below:

1. F The World (feat. The Garden, Quay Dash & d0llywood1)
2. My Agenda (feat. Village People & Pussy Riot)
3. Gentleman 01:42
4. M’Lady 01:27
5. Iron Fist (feat. Faris Badwan)
6. Barbie Boy (feat. Sega Bodega)
7. Sorry Bro (I Love You) 01:27
8. Monk Mode (Interlude) [feat. Gaylord]
9. Edgelord (feat. Rebecca Black)
10. Ram It Down (feat. Mood Killer, Lil Mariko & Lil Texas)
11. Give Great Thanks 03:06

Stream below:

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