Italian Pop Sensation AIELLO Drops Pensive New Release ‘Che Canzo Siamo’ (‘What Song Are We’)

Italian pop heartthrob Aiello won us over with his debut album Ex Voto last year and he’s since followed the album with the single Vienimi (a ballare), a standout Summer anthem. However things go more pensive for its follow-up Che Canzo Siamo which roughly translates to ‘What Song Are We.’

The Cosenza born star notes: “Maybe it’s because melancholy charges me like a bomb, but when I listen to it I feel good, even if my heart tightens a bit,” on the new single, which changes tones from the upbeat urban party atmosphere of Vienimi. He adds “When the wounds no longer spit blood .. you only see a blinding light, your rebirth,” further highlighting the pensive nature of the emotive post-relationship track.

The heartbreak anthem sees Aiello reminsce about a lost love and the melancholic feelings which this produces. His vocals are charismatic, racked in emotion and conviction, against the song’s sparse electronic production which is also underpinned by impressive acoustic guitar effects.

Watch the video above. Connect with AIELLO below.