Trailer: Christian Slater & Gary Oldman in Guns Girls Gambling

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Guns Girls Gambling comes along – a film that follows Christian Slater as he hunts down Gary Oldman’s Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. This tongue-in-cheek action comedy hit the US in 2011 and is finally making its way to UK home video on January the 27th.

When wrongly accused of stealing a priceless artifact during a poker game, corrupts cops, assassins and a drop dead beautiful blonde set out on a mission to hunt John Smith down with the aim of getting their hands on the million-dollar reward for its safe return – Signature Entertainment. 

Guns Girls Gambling certainly looks like a lot of fun and has a top-notch cast, so we’re sure that it’ll be well worth a watch. You can pre-order from Amazon.

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