Introducing Rising LGBTQ+ Talent ORÎ and His Euphoric Pop Anthem ‘Tropic Thunder,’ Music Video & Acoustic Version

We are in love with rising talent ORÎ’s latest release, the euphoric Summer anthem Tropic Thunder. The slick pop release debuted earlier this year, but ORÎ has recently unveiled the track’s official video and a hugely enjoyable acoustic version.

ORÎ used to be the frontman of pop/rock outfit Rise and Run but has recently released successful solo singles including: Tropic Thunder and Fire in the Flood. Previously growing up in a small New England town, ORÎ channelled his differences and individuality as well as the unfortunate aspects that often come with the gay experience (high pressure concepts including depression, fear, and suicide) into his songwriting and music:

“Everyone has a flood in their life. Mine was being gay in an environment that didn’t create affirmative space for that. At my core, I knew God was for me and the only way to keep from drowning was to understand pain has a purpose. If we know our value and identity, nothing can keep us down. I discovered the strength was inside me all along.”

Tropic Thunder is a stunning sophomore single for the handsome singer. It’s a big, bombastic pop anthem that fully transports us to the the glamour and beauty of a tropical paradise. It’s grandiose pop-rock chorus, delivered through ORΑs powerful, emotive vocals shine atop the scintillating, powerhouse electronic production. Celebrating living in the moment and embracing life’s loves and joys in the lyrics: “Let’s love baby here and now, Get a little lost for real, Hide in neon lights, We’ll be orange and teal,” the track manages to evoke gorgeous tropical imagery – this is fully supported by the elegant video.

We’re massively excited for what ORÎ has to come. Not only a new queer pop heartthrob, but one of the most exciting musical figures to appear on Culture Fix recently.

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