Kristian Kaspersen Delivers Pop Perfection with New Single ‘Stay,’ Ahead of Upcoming Album

Swedish pop heartthrob Kristian Kaspersen blew us away with his March released single One Little Thing and is about to do it again with his latest track Stay, which arrives today. The track serves up immaculate Scandinavian pop whilst tackling themes that once again resonate with the LGBTQ+ community on a deep, emotive level.

Stay tackles the concept of the decadent party you never want to end, with Kristian telling us: “The song is about staying too long at the after-party, refusing to realize that it’s time to go home, morning has arrived and your heart is still broken.” Of course the party culture – especially the concept of heartbreak on the dancefloor is one that has a strong link with the queer community, as queer individuals often finding solace and safety in nightlife spaces even when our hearts are breaking. The singer adds: “We have always combined the feeling of exclusion, sorrow and even death with celebration, decadence, that “we gotta keep going on”-feeling.”

Kristian captures this beautifully with lyrics such as: “I can’t stand to face the light of day, I just want to be in this forever, I don’t wanna go, I wanna stay” against rousing electronic and piano production, the track shining as a poetic, emotional, and glamorous heartbreak anthem. Kristian serves up some of his strongest, unfaltering vocals on the track which is set to feature on his upcoming album Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt.

Stay also arrives with a new SoundFactory remix which further taps into the teardrops on the dancefloor vibe that the original explores so beautifully. The track is written by Kristian with production from Fredrik Arvidsson and Emil ”SoundFactory” Hellman.

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