EdFringe 2018 Review: Inferno

Rating: ★★

Venue: The Space on North Bridge

Dante's Inferno gets a re-working from Wrong Tree Theatre (of Durham University) at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the result is a blend of physical theatre and comedy that puts a new spin on the classic text. Criminal law attorney Arabella meets Lucifer who takes her on a journey through the various layers of Hell. Here she views the horrors of the underworld and reflects on her decisions made on earth which resulted in this journey.

This production blends physical theatre and playful comedy as the group showcase the horrors of Hell in an inventive fashion. An incredibly game cast representative of the demons of Hell use a mix of physical performance and over the top comedy to make Arabella's journey, well, Hell. Lucifer takes the young attorney through tours of sins such as lust and gluttony where she samples the horrors that potentially await her. Whilst this is dark material, the youthful cast handle it was a welcome sense of silliness and fun.

This comedy peaks with an inventive slow motion fights sequence where the horror of the modern world (from never-ending meetings to mobile phone interruptions) soundtracked to You Are My Sunshine. Inferno gains further success through a live band performing a number of original compositions that fit well with the narrative being told. There are strong performances from the cast who bring a sense of gusto and enthusiasm to their roles.

Inferno benefits from the slick physical routines and game performances, the sombre message at the heart does get somewhat lost in favour of the comedy - and perhaps an increase in Arabella's reflection might further emotionally invest us in the narrative.
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