Trailer: Ryan Phillippe's Directorial Debut 'Catch Hell'

We've been keeping a close eye on Ryan Phillippe's directorial debut, Catch Hell (originally titled Shreveport), for a while now - in fact it has made our most anticipated lists for both 2013 and 2014.

Deadline tells us "Phillippe plays a former Hollywood star, who, on location in Louisiana, is kidnapped by two men connected to his past. He awakens, chained in a rundown shack, and discovers the real motives of his captors and finds himself in the middle of a twisted scheme with little chance to make it out. Survival and revenge become the actor’s motivations."

Phillippe, our favourite Hollywood heartthrob, has balanced a variety of indie projects (Revenge For Jolly, The Bang Bang Club Straight A's) with highly-acclaimed television work  such as his terrific supporting role in Damages Season 5 and the much anticipated Secrets & Lies.

Catch Hell is released in the US on October 10th. No UK date as of yet. You can watch the trailer here.

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