Music: The Fizz Unveil ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ LP, New Song ‘The World We Left Behind’

Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan – founding members of Bucks Fizz – are continuing to operate under The Fizz and have just announced details of their next studio album, Smoke & Mirrors. They’ve delivered their first taste of the sound of the Mike Stock produced set with new track, The World We Left Behind.

The trio previously released The F to Z of Pop, a lovely throwback to the band’s golden days featuring numerous upbeat anthems like Up for the Fight and the powerful Amen. The group subsequently released festive album Christmas with The Fizz in 2018.

Singer Aston hit headlines after unsuccessfully running as a MP for the Brexit Party. Producer Mike Stock has also been a vocal supporter of right wing causes as one look at his Twitter page will reveal. Sometimes the less we know about our artists, the better… Still, we’re going to try and let these views not get in our way of our enjoyment of the music.

Smoke & Mirrors is released on March 6th.

  1. Winning Ways
  2. All We Ever Can Do
  3. T.O.T.P
  4. From Here To Eternity
  5. More Than These Words
  6. Reservation
  7. The World We Left Behind
  8. Nothing’s Gonna Last Forever
  9. Second To None
  10. Storm
  11. Boomerang

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