Shameless Idol Worship: France’s Eurovision Contestant Tom Leeb

Take this one with a pinch of salt as its not often that Eurovision rumours end up being true – see this Jordan Roy selected as The Netherlands’ Eurovision entrant story as an example. But Le Parisien are reporting that France Televisions’ has selected singer-songwriter Tom Leeb as their Eurovision contestant.

The singer, who has just released his debut album Recollections in 2019, will undoubtedly benefit from the little publicity boost the Eurovision rumours will give him, regardless of whether he is selected or not. It’s rare that France would send an artist who predominantly records in English, but then again Leeb could be representing with a French language track.

After a quick listen to Recollections and Leeb’s 2018 self-titled EP, Leeb would be a welcome choice. Leeb would also be a hit thanks to his stunning looks, which you can view in the gallery below the Spotify links.

EDIT: Well I guess we have to eat our words with this one – a Eurovision rumour actually came true. Still, enjoy Tom’s music and the photos. Could the hunky Frenchman deliver Douze Points?

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