Music: RuPaul Drops New Album ‘You’re a Winner, Baby’

RuPaul has celebrated the release of his new Netflix series AJ and the Queen by dropping a new eight track album. The LP titled You’re a Winner, Baby marks Ru’s first non-holiday album in three years and contains Ruby Is Red Hot, one of the key tracks from his Netflix project.

Among the new tracks is London – potentially inspired by Ru’s time recording Drag Race UK – and Birthday Song, the drag superstar’s first attempt at recording a Birthday anthem, Happy Birthday to You found rotting. Many of the tracks are structured around Ru’s key catchphrases from Drag Race, such as Condragulations and Bring Back My Girls. You can see the full tracklist.

2.“Birthday Song”2:36
3.“Bring Back My Girls”2:43
4.“I’m a Winner, Baby”3:38
6.“Super Sexy Lady”3:47
8.“Ruby Is Red Hot – Kummerspeck Redux”

Whilst we don’t think the album is a patch on the likes of Champion, Glamazon, Born Naked or American, it’s nice to have some new Ru music out in the world. Unfortunately it can all feel a little vacuous when the songs are entirely structured around catchphrases. The shining star is Ruby Is Red Hot, which after bingeing AJ and the Queen, will certainly be stuck in your head.

Stream You’re a Winner, Baby below.

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