Photo: Felix Swensson

Felix Sandman Releases Self-Reflective New Single ‘Terminal’ with Haley Bridge

Felix Sandman delighted with his return last month with the unexpected Lunas Interlude. The Swedish star follows this up with another new track, Terminal, expected to feature on the musician’s upcoming EP which also features rising musical talent Haley Bridge.

On new single Terminal, Felix contemplates the impact of self-reflection, whilst tapping into the EP’s expected themes of lightness and darkness. Speaking about Terminal, Felix shares: “It was a very fun, experimental process. I made the song with my friends from a collective of songwriters and producers called Klover and we spent three days going through different stages of emotion and intoxication.” Terminal explores the idea of what a person is without a purpose.

Terminal is released via Milkshake / Sony Music and is written by Haley Bridge, Nirob Islam and Felix. The number is produced by noahfound, james marten, Jhon Allan, David Husberg and Felix.

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