Credit: Felix Swensson

Felix Sandman Makes a Welcome Musical Return With Raw New Single ‘Lunas Interlude’

“I don’t see it as a comeback, I see it as launching a brand new artist. I have a new team and have become the boss of my own life. Now there are no more compromises,” Felix Sandman shares about his very welcome musical return with new single Lunas Interlude.

The Swedish singer-songwriter and actor previously delighted us with numbers such as Boys With Emotions and Every Single Day, shifts to a more raw and introspective sound with the new single which sees him collaborate with producer David Husberg who co-writes and co-produces with Felix.

Felix has been cooking up his new music for over four years, with Lunas Interlude set to be the first taste of his upcoming EP. The star has taken full creative control for the track and his musical vision, which suggests the sound will continue to explore the quietly powerful, understated atmosphere of the latest single.

On the number, Felix shares: “I talk to myself sometimes / Saying words I’d never say to a friend / I think of myself sometimes / Thoughts I’d never think if I was / Thinking about you…”

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