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Liverpool Singer-Songwriter Kris James Releases New Single ‘Forever Forever’

Kris James is a talent fast on the rise, with the Liverpool based star releasing stellar self-titled album in 2021 and following this up with stellar singles such as The Way You Move and Caught Feelings. Now Kris releases his first new music of 2024, single Forever Forever.

Kris shares: “Inspired by my own personal journey, which, after a decade of solitude, found what was believed to be a timeless love, only for it to unravel, this track stands as a bittersweet homage to idealists and romantics”. The number is a poignant one that blends themes of eternal love and soulmates, fighting for a love that lasts forever. Kris’s building vocal shines against infectious mid-tempo grooves crafted by top producer Sky Adams.

The track excitingly gets language translations, using Kris’s own vocals, with the help of an innovative AI music translation start-up, which has allowed the singer’s vocals to be translated into German and Japanese. An interesting premise on which Kris notes: “When the opportunity presented itself for me to have multiple language versions of this release, I jumped at the chance. This is something I haven’t seen other artists do yet, so I feel like I’m one of the pioneers in this space.”

As well as an impressive music career, Kris is also the founder of Amanzzo, a luxury sustainable menswear brand, which recently launched its first swimwear collection.

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