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Matt Terry Opens Up About His Sexuality On Heartfelt New Single ‘His Car’

Matt Terry has been on a roll with his recent music – immersing listeners in a newfound cathartic, personal storytelling element. The star has delighted with You Don’t Know Nothing and Ghost of Me, but perhaps most poignant of all is Matt’s new single His Car. The track sees Matt open up about his sexuality for the first time.

Matt shares: “I came on to the music scene in 2016 where my sexuality was the forefront of every conversation. Protecting myself I walked away to discover myself naturally and privately. As a young man without any experience in that area of life, how was I supposed to tell anybody who I was if I didn’t know myself?

Matt works on the track with producer Xoro (Tim Kulawik) who also co-writes the number with Matt. The musician also directs the video for the single alongside fashion photographer and filmmaker Courtney Nathan Phillip, delivering an atmospheric and honest visual shot in Yorkshire. Matt hopes the video will encourage young men struggling about their sexuality to open up.
The British singer-songwriter adds: “Today I know exactly who I am and I absolutely love the human I have become.  With this story of mine I want to uplift and shine light on a huge part of the LGTBQ community that aren’t as present in our music industry or media. This song is an apology to the first man I ever loved. I asked him to keep our relationship under wraps for many years. This one is for your everyday boy next door falling in love with another.”

Watch the video for His Car above. Connect with Matt here.

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