Photo: Kukscinema Scotland

Glasgow Singer-Songwriter Allan Purvis Delivers Stellar New Single ‘Parting Shot’

Glasgow-born singer-songwriter Allan Purvis has been steadily releasing stellar indie pop numbers for a number of years now including gems such as Summer Something and Little Talks. Allan dropped his new track Parting Shot last month, with the rising talent further bringing the number to life with a freshly-released accompanying video featuring stunning scenery, an adorable dog, and a handsome Scotsman. We really can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t watch?

The number centred on the theme of heartbreak captures the bitter cross words that can be thrown around during break-ups. The production from Allan and Bruce Rintoul, builds in its powerful fiery energy, capturing the growing emotion as the desire for the final parting shot grows.

Brimming with an anthemic energy, powerful vocals, and natural swagger, Parting Shot is a real standout release from Allan.

You can connect with Allan on Instagram. Stream Parting Shot below and watch the video above.

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