Daphne Guinness Reveals Details of Upcoming April 19th Scheduled New Album ‘Sleep’

Last week the dazzling Daphne Guinness unveiled her scintillating art-pop number Volcano and its accompanying visuals helmed by the legendary David LaChapelle. The album is from the musician’s upcoming album album Sleep, which arrives April 19th, and contains previously released numbers Hip Neck Spine and Mishima.

The album arrives from Daphne’s own Agent Anonyme label, with the cover art comprised of striking photography from by David LaChapelle and Luca Pizzaroni. A special deluxe version containing Hercules & Love Affair Club Mixes of the previously released singles and also Dark Night of the Soul is available from the singer-songwriter’s store.

The album description notes: “Recorded at British Grove and Abbey Road studios with string arrangements by Tony Visconti, the album is unlike anything Guinness has recorded before. Contemplative, self-reflective, and personal, it represents her most beguiling body of work-to-date; a sleek, sophisticated experience enhanced by an array of esoteric creative touches, complementing its dance-floor rush.”

See the full tracklist below:

1. Hip Neck Spine
2. Mishima
3. Laika
4. Volcano
5. Dark Night Of The Soul
6. No Joke
7. Solitaire
8. Love & Destruction
9. Burn
10. Bedazzled
11. Time

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