Daphne Guinness & David LaChapelle Join Forces For Surrealist Pop Delight ‘Volcano’

A feast of sensory pleasure hits us in Daphne Guinness’s latest single, Volcano. The number is truly joyous, blending art-disco and prog-pop sounds to create something uniquely addictive and distinctively Daphne. The star has been delighting with the singles from her upcoming fourth studio album, Sleep, from the enigmatic Japanese inspired Mishima to the intoxicating Hip Neck Spine.

Matching the sonic palette of Volcano, is an eye-popping video from David LaChapelle – a frequent collaborator of the singer-songwriter and fashionista – blending inspiration from the likes of The Eyes of Laura Mars for the colourful surrealist explosion. This visual pairs wonderfully with the espionage-themed lyrics which conjure the mysteries of classic film noirs and television spy features like The Prisoner.

Daphne shares: “‘Volcano’ is one of the first songs I wrote with my writing partner Malcolm Doherty. I remember being on a train in Germany and observing a furtive man with a suitcase and my imagination went straight to Marlene Dietreich in ‘Shanghai Express.'”

She continues: “As I pulled into Hamburg in the driving North Sea rain, my thoughts ran wild: what was in that suitcase? I’ve always been interested in espionage and spy movies, and imagery from the clandestine world of the ‘30s made for a compelling juxtaposition with its electro/dance sound.

The track is another taste of Daphne’s upcoming album Sleep, which arrives April 19th.

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