Sweden’s Rising Music Talents Oscar & Nisse Deliver High-Energy Follow-Up Single ‘Snälla Nån’

We had lots of praise for Oscar & Nisse’s debut single Fuck It Jag Är Ung (‘Fuck It I’m Young’), which saw Sweden’s top viral comedy talents assert themselves as a pop force to be reckoned with. Now the high energy heartthrobs deliver their follow up single Snälla Nån (‘Someone Please’) which continues to deliver the manic fun of their debut.

Like their previous release, the single is written and produced by Jakob Karlberg and Max Johansen (check out our interview with Jakob Karlberg here). Snälla Nån delivers pop-punk sensibilities, strong vocals and energetic production. Oscar & Nisse continue to charm with the number, which is something which has helped them make them become a huge success on social media with their unique brand of content.

The duo are made up of Oscar Struck and Nils Nyström. You can connect with and keep up with their music and comedy here.

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